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Having seen the indisputable influence technology has in the development of a society, it is imperative for as many tech initiatives as possible to be birthed. For this reason was Winexviv born in 2015. Winexviv International Limited is a software development company situated in Lagos, Nigeria and is privileged to be on of the leading providers of technical services and solutions to cooperate and governmental bodies. Winexviv International Limited is known today by her high quality services and exceptional dedication. She helps her clients optimally manage their businesses via state of the art solutions accompanied with relevant backup through the necessary consultancy services, training and support. Winexviv International Limited has succeeded in creating pivotal partnerships with Microsoft, and is also currently working with financial solution providers, Flutter wave. Winexviv International Limited strength lies in her team of consultants with deep knowledge and experience in the product she offers, also in her 25 man in-house engineering team who bend their backs to see that clients are optimally satisfied.

Winexviv International Limited

To ensure a smooth running of the system, WIL offers a full support through the system care agreement. The system care is on a contract basis which covers all aspects of support and maintenance, resolves the problems that the system might encounter and guarantee remote and on-site support.

WIL system offers the following task:

  • Telephone support
  • Remote assistance
  • On-site intervention if required
  • Regular site visits
  • Installation of software major releases
  • Installation of upgrades, updates and patches
  • Advices
  • System enhancements
  • Training


To effect a radical change in industries, institutions and the society at large with our excellent solutions. .



We are aimed at becoming the yardstick for measuring tech. advancement in Nigeria, Africa and world at large.



From a holistic point of view, summing up every individual piece that contributes to a developed society, Winexviv takes your imagination and desire, touches it up with our expertise to yield perfection. .