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Simple, Powerful & Affordable School Management System

Educators have plenty of things to worry about, but frustrating and time-consuming tools shouldn't be one of them. There is a better way. Meet Winexviv®, K-12’s Holistic Student Engagement Platform, and discover a better experience for administrators, teachers, parents, and students.

  • Designed for People

    Winexviv® is designed to work the way schools, classrooms, and people naturally work. A simple and intuitive interface brings together the tools teachers & administrators need, while Winexviv’s parent and student portal helps families quickly and easily stay connected.

  • Flexible for More Power

    How many grading periods? Multi or single-subject classes? Traditional or standards-based grading? No matter your school’s approach, Winexviv® likely has an answer. Whether you’re customizing the look of your report cards, changing bell schedules, or identifying unique rubrics per class, our extensive customization options might make you feel as though Winexviv was personally built with your school in mind.

  • Unified, Headache-Free Software for Schools

    We replace expensive, fragmented school management software with a single, integrated cloud-based platform with no unwieldy software to install or expensive hardware to buy and maintain. In addition, our fast and flexible data migration options get schools up and running in no time.

  • Price Point for Every Budget

    Winexviv® believes that every school, no matter how big or small its budget, should have access to best of breed software. That’s why we offer discounts to financially challenged schools.

Everything your school needs

Winexviv is an all-inclusive platform. Schools have access to all of our core features without having to pay for integration or software customization, and can add enhanced services like internal messaging, report cards, or state reporting when it makes most sense for them.

Most Popular Features

Admission Management

Make your admission process more speedy and efficient by taking it online.


Create exams and set various grading levels batch wise and observe the progress of each student.


The comprehensive timetable Feature in Winexviv, allows generating, maintaining and monitoring timetables with speed and ease.

  • Attendance

    Create and monitor various student attendance records. Get the details of availed and absentees.

  • Reports

    Audit and manage a variety of reports and have them ready for a quick review whenever necessary.

  • Internal Messaging

    Write, read and forward the messages to other users easily and fast and enhance Parent-Teacher-Student interactions.

  • Student Information

    Get easy access to student particulars, courses, grades, attendance, parents' information, disciplinary records, and other reports, anytime.

  • Academic Year Management

    Manage student records and other details based on academic year. Save previous year records for archival and easy retrieval.

  • Activity Logging Module

    Keep track of everything happening in the Winexviv system. All user activity is tracked here with date and time.

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Why people buy it?

  • Winexviv is so user-friendly, it saves me time, which means I don’t have to spend my nights on busywork and I can spend more of my instructional day on supporting students’ individual needs.

    Ibrahim Bako Mathematics Teacher
  • When teachers are isolated from each other, it is the students who suffer. Winexviv gives our teachers the ability to collaborate on a level we have never been able to do before.

    Afolakemi Ogunde ICT Teacher

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